Book Review: Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison

Soylent Green is one of my favourite science fiction movies ever - and this is the book the movie was based on.  I have been putting off reading it for about 4 years because I wasn't sure I would enjoy it ... I was pleasantly surprised.

Catalogue Information
Make Room! Make Room!
Harry Harrison
1966, 1973, Doubleday, New York

This is the book the movie Soylent Green is based on. It is the tale of an over-populated world at the turn of the millennium.   New York City cop Andy Rusch investigates the murder of a criminal figure with political connections, while around him, the city slowly deteriorates.

I thought this was brilliant. I adored the movie Soylent Green, and when I heard that the main premise of the movie didn't come from the book (y'all know what I'm talking about), I was a bit worried that I wouldn't enjoy the book. But I did! The writing style is beautiful for a little science fiction novel, and there is so much humanity in this book. I'm just glad it wasn't prophetic. 

Book Review: Brighton Rock by Graham Greene

I feel like I've been reading this book forever!  It's not a book you can just sit down and devour - it requires contemplation and lots of breaks.

Catalogue Information
Brighton Rock
Graham Greene
1938, 1985, Penguin, Middlesex

This is the story of Pinkie - a gang member in pre-WWII England - who murders a newspaperman who owed him money from a gambling debt.  The murder is ruled as a natural death so the gang think they've gotten away with it, until one of the newspaperman's friends begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.  Pinkie must then contend with her inquiries and tie up all the loose ends which begin to unravel very quickly.

I couldn't say I enjoyed the book - it was bleak and difficult to read at times - but I felt I couldn't stop reading, it sucked me in completely. It's an uncomfortable read. I did however learn a lot of 1930s British mobster lingo!  Like 'polony' for woman.  I am so going to use that in my every day life to confuse people.

The Melbourne Storm

I am shocked by the news that the Melbourne Storm cheated, and they deserve to have their premierships taken off them.  Prior to the news breaking, I had thought that the team was doing so well because they had a lot of money to splash around but I never thought that they were deliberately keeping two sets of books in order to get around the salary cap.  That is blatant and deliberate cheating. 

I really don't think the team will recover.  Rugby League in Victoria is in for a tough time.